Wesleyan Holiness Women Clergy: Committees


If you're interested in serving on any one of these committees, please contact your denomination representative on the WHWC board of directors. Thanks!

Academic Initiatives Committee
The Academic Initiatives Committee is responsible for:
• Screening website submissions and other publications
• Curriculum development
• Identify and recruit other women academics to network together
• Speakers bureau
• Project development
• Miriam Project
• Grant writing

Come to the Water Planning Committee
The Come to the Water Planning Committee is responsible for:
• Theme development
• Location and logistics (lodging and equipment needs)
• Preaching, worship leader and workshop leader assignments
• Audio and video needs
• Meals
• Special guests
• Conference schedule
• Interface with other committees
• Volunteer coordination
• Hiring of on-site coordinator
• Conference Budget
• Conference registration process
• Conference Program
• Exhibit opportunities
• Bookstore
• Conference photographer
• Conduct and process evaluations
• Registration and confirmation

Communications Committee
The Communications Committee is responsible for:
• Oversee WHWC website and displays
• Coordinate publication of WHWC newsletter
• Promotion of WHWC and CTTW conference including press releases and other promotional materials
• Manage printing of material
• Merchandising

International Committee
The International Committee is responsible for:
• Promote international representation and attendance
• Communicate with denominational missionary organizations
• Provide resources for establishing networking opportunities
• Provide materials for local conferences
• Communicate to denominations to send representatives to CTTW
• Help identify financial resources
• Advocate for support/involvement
• Manage language issues/translation needs at conference
• Produce international resources in other languages

Membership Committee
The Membership Committee is responsible for:
• Maintain membership lists
• Member care
• Professional recognition
• Monitor members for trends, networking opportunities
• Enable grant writing
• Data management
• Staff Come to the Water conference registration
• Enlisting other partners

Ministry Candidates Committee
The Ministry Candidates Committee is responsible for:
• eMentoring
• Communication with sponsoring institutions
• Host student reception at Come to the Water conference
• Help ministry candidates clarify their call
• Tract writing
• Develop student chapters of WHWC

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