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Wesleyan Holiness Women Clergy: A Preliminary Bibliography, compiled by Rev. Dr. Susie C. Stanley. Incorporates current and archival materials, published and unpublished. Headings include autobiographies, biographies, sermons, scriptural defenses of women clergy and general articles. Foreword by Rev. Dr. Susie Stanley, series editor.

'Ezer Cenegdo: A Power Like Him, Facing Him as Equal by Joseph E. Coleson. Dr. Coleson, a professor of Hebrew Bible, examines the phrase from Gen. 2 and concludes that God's intention at creation was for men and women to relate as equals. Subordination was the consequence of the Fall. The Order of Redemption "calls us to equality in every area of life." Forward by Rev. Dr. Susie Stanley, series editor.

Inclusive Language Handbook by Don Thorsen and Vickie Becker. The authors define inclusive language and provide a theological rationale for its use. This user-friendly guide provides numerous examples. Forward by Rev. Dr. Susie Stanley, series editor.

Satisfied: Women Hymn Writers of the 19th Century Wesleyan Holiness Movement by Keith Schwanz. Fascinating vignettes of nine women. Several hymns are included. Forward by Rev. Dr. Susie Stanley, series editor.

Reclaiming the Wesleyan Holiness Heritage of Women Clergy: Sermons, A Case Study and Resources by Randy Huber and John E. Stanley. Eleven sermons preached by Rev. Huber focus on women of faith in the Bible. They strongly endorse recognizing women's gifts in all areas of ministry. A brief section "New Testament Arguments for the Equality of Men and Women in Ministry" as well as a short bibliography are included. Forward by Rev. Dr. Susie Stanley, series editor.

Cloud of Witnesses: Portraits of Women Ministers in the Wesleyan Holiness Movement edited by Gloria J. Bell. Illustrated chapters on women ministers, representing each of our supporting denominations. Forward by Rev. Dr. Susie Stanley, series editor.

God's Call: From Infilling to Outpouring (Sermons by Wesleyan Holiness Women Clergy) edited by Margaret Dunn. Four sermons preached at the second international Wesleyan Holiness Women Clergy Conference in Indianapolis in 1996. Commissioner Kay Rader, Rev. Janine Metcalf, Rev. Kits Monencillo, and Rev. Dr. Diana Swoope addressed the conference theme. Forward by Rev. Dr. Susie Stanley, series editor.

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Honoring God's Call: A Celebration of Holiness Women Preachers, compiled by Rev. Dr. Susie Cunningham Stanley (Kansas City, MO.: Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City, 1996). The sermons from the first conference in Glorietta, N.M. in 1994 are collected in this volume. Preachers were: Rev. Jo Anne Lyon, Rev. Nina Gunter, Rev. Delia Nuesch-Olver, Rev. Dr. Addie Wyatt, and Rev. Dr. Susie Stanley.

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