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The first 70 articles compiled by Rev. Dr. Susie Stanley. Submission of new articles can be made directly to

Adams, Linda J. Stop Pushing the Sisters Off the Scaffold!
Anonymous I'm Ted and I'm Married to Your Minister
Bassett, Paul Merritt Culture and Concupiscence

Beegle, Nina &
     Wilbur W. Brannon

Vivian Pressley Served Forty Years in One Church
Bishop, Sarah. Should Women Preach?
Brown, Charles E. The Apostolic Church: The Place of Women
         " No Room for Discrimination Against Women Preachers
         " Women Preachers
Byers, A. L. Sketch No. 3--Mary Cole
         " Sketch No. 4--Sarah Smith
Christoph, James R. Equal Access to Grace in Ministry: Women and Men
Climenhaga, Arthur M. A Case Study in Biblical Interpretation
Cole, G. L. The Labor of Women in the Gospel
Cowles, C. S. A Woman's Place? Leadership in the Church
(Text of article currently unavailable.)
         " In Praise of Women Preachers
Deasley, Alex God's Will for the Family: Marital and Family Relationships in Ephesians
Demaray, Donald E. The People Called Free Methodist: Snapshots
Dieter, Melvin E. Hannah Whitall Smith: A Woman for All Seasons
Dunnam, Maxie D. Last at the Cross, First at the Tomb
Emery, O. D. Women Ministers . . . Workers in Exile?
Flory, Barbara. A Passion for Souls!
Greathouse, William M. Women in Ministry: The Gospel is the Magna Carta for Women's Ministry
Green, Roger Catherine Booth:Model Minister
Haines, Lee M. Women in Ministry: A Biblical, Historical Perspective
Harris, Merne A. An Elect Lady: Some Reflections Upon the Life and Ministry of Iva Durham Vennard
Higgs, Sandra J. Amanda Smith's Amazing Grace
Hotle, Marlin D. The Early Holiness Movement: Redefining the Role of Women in Ministry
Ingersol, Stan. A Passionate Sense of Mission
         " Called Not of Men but of God
         " Knowledge and Vital Piety: Lucía de Costa's Enduring Witness
         " Mattie Mallory for the Children
         " Mother of Missions: The Evangelistic Vision of Susan Norris Fitkin
         " Ordained to Serve
         " Phoebe Palmer: Mother of the Holiness Revival
         " Pressing the Vision: Olive Winchester and Northwest Nazarene College
Recovering a Tradition: Holiness Women
         " The Deaconess in Nazarene History
  The Ministry of Mary Lee Cagle
         " The Two Mrs. Chapmans
         " The Women of the Eighth General Assembly
         " Unconventional Woman: The Ministry of Elliott J. Sheeks
         " Whatever Happened to Fannie McDowell Hunter?
         " Your Daughters Shall Prophesy
Joy, Robbie & Donald Two Become One: God's Design for Couples
Keefer, Luke L., Jr. Helping the Church to Accept Women in Leadership
Laird, Rebecca A Brief Theology of Women in Ministry: Four Reasons Women Should Teach, Preach, and Minister
Lanham, Jan S.
      & Mary R. Paul
Empowering Women for Leadership
Lowery, Rev. A. In Memoriam. Mrs. Phoebe Palmer
McCutcheon, Lillie God is an Equal Opportunity Employer
Moore, Frank Is There a Place for Me?
Morgan, Timothy C. The Stained-Glass Ceiling: Women Clergy Struggle for legitimacy as They Celebrate Their Call to Pastoral Ministry
(Text of article unavailable. Article reports on 1st WHWC conference.)
Newell, Arlo F. A Liberated Woman
Deep Spiritual Apostasy?
For Men Only? Breaking a Two-Thousand-Year-Old Tradition
Oliver, John W. Emma Brown Malone: A Mother of Feminism?

Pearson, Sharon C.

Women in Ministry: What Does the Bible Say?
Peifer, Janet M. Brethren in Christ Studies and Writing on Women in the Ministry, 1887-1987
          " Women in the Pew, But Destined for the Pulpit
Phillips, Harold L. The Church in Her House
Raser, Harold Women Ministers in the Holiness Movement--Where Have They All Gone?
Robinson, Ed Women in Ministry: Conviction or Culture?
Robinson, Kenneth L. D. Willia Caffray: Called Unto Holiness
Smith, F. G. Editorial
Spencer, Carole D. Evangelism, Feminism and Social Reform: The Quaker Woman Minister and the Holiness Revival
Stanley, Susie Empowered Foremothers: Wesleyan/Holiness Women Speak to Today's Christian Feminists
         " Social Holiness in New York City: Wesleyan/Holiness Women Share God’s Love
         "  Tell Me the Old, Old Story
         " The Promise Fulfilled: Women's Ministries in the Wesleyan/Holiness Movement
Strege, Merle D. Go Ahead, Sister Cole, Where Only Men Had Gone Before
Thompson, David L. The Biblical Mandate for Women in Ministry
Waldron, John D. Catherine Booth
Williams, J. S. Daughter--If You Don't Like It, Change It. Your Father is Rich.
Witherington, Ben, III Women in Ministry